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We understand that busy schedules are one of the greatest obstacles people face when trying to improve their fitness levels. We would like to take the work out of finding a “workable schedule” for you.  The FitnessLab CrossFit offers a large variety of classes with CrossFit certified trainers. Please see our schedule and join us before work, after work or while the kids are at school, to find your ideal you.

Experienced Instructors

Meet Our FitnessLab CrossFit Coaches and see for yourself.  At our New Braunfels location we focus on providing the top coaches to guide you in safe and productive workouts every time.  By hiring only the finest certified CrossFit coaches in the area, we can help you achieve the best possible results from each workout. Our coaches have all obtained advanced CrossFit certifications and continue to invest in improving their craft.

Tiered Training

Everyone has their own expectations for themselves, their own goals and their own starting line. Our tiered training system allows you to join at any fitness level. We want you to reach your ultimate goal in the safest and most productive way possible by teaching you proper techniques while gradually improving your fitness levels.  Instead of letting you throw your hands in the air and saying “forget it!” we design CrossFit work outs that can be scaled to your conditioning level, helping you realize year round results. As your strength and confidence progress you will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving and the results you can obtain.


Convenient is the key word most people look for when committing to something new. By offering more classes in a convenient New Braunfels location, we hope to eliminate the excuse “lack of convenience” for working out. At FitnessLab everything is designed to make your fitness goal attainable. We know how easy it is to take a day off but it’s much more work if you let that day slide. Everything we do is to make it convenient for you, don’t prevent yourself from achieving the fitness level you desire.

Lil Beasts

For kids exercise means playing and being physically active. At FitnessLab CrossFit we a proud to offer our Lil Beasts series of age appropriate training and fitness programs for children ages 5-17.  The goal for these classes is to teach health habits and the importance of physical fitness in a fun and safe environment. We offer seasonal classes to conveniently work with yours and your kids’ schedules.  The Lil Beast program is a gymnastic focused, CrossFit based program in game form for children of all kinds. Weather you child is extremely active or you just need help encouraging basic fitness ideals, we believe that Lil Beasts is the best CrossFit program for kids all ages in New Braunfels.  Learn More…


We are the first gym in New Braunfels to offer FEMMEfit, a program focused just on the desire of our female clients.  It’s all for the ladies! Classes taught by women for women, encouraging each other to achieve their fitness goals in a positive environment. FEMMEfit is a boot camp/CrossFit style work out with less emphasis on the barbells and more focus on the key women physical concerns. FEMMEfit is a scalable workout to help you grow and get stronger, no matter what your starting point.  The FEMMEfit package not only offers unlimited FEMMEFIT Classes but also unlimited Group FitnessLab classes, plus stretching and mobility classes. Learn More…

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FitnessLab CrossFit

FitnessLab CrossFit
1287 Industrial Drive, Ste. 206,
New Braunfels, TX 78130
(830) 387-4549