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Meet Our FitnessLab CrossFit Coaches

Josh Amezquita

I've been lifting and incorporating various types of fitness into my life since high school.  I was a competitive motocross racer for several years and being physically fit and strong made me a better rider.  Fitness and strength have been extremely important to me as...

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Michael Ramos

Age:21 Born and raised in El Paso,Tx. Texas State University Student I have been in multiple sports since a very young age. Favorite part of every sport I played in high school was being in the weight-room. Found crossfit in 2012 and loved it since it was just like...

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My athletic career began as a High School Varsity Soccer player, which carried over to Intramurals at Florida State while in college.  After graduating and beginning my career as a teacher I knew it was time to step up my fitness.  After seeing my mom get great...

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I started CrossFit in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the competitive atmosphere and the daily challenges that CrossFit offers. I had always considered myself to be in pretty good shape, competing in triathlons and many other endurance events, however, after...

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Glen Dyson

I tried CrossFit in 2012 for the first time before we moved to New Braunfels.  I loved it right away.  It brought back memories of training in the ‘glory days’ for this aging athlete.  Due to a hectic work and travel schedule I drifted in and out of the box for a...

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Burke David

Coaching since 2008, after getting into CrossFit in 2006 because I was out of shape after life and jobs got in the way. My athletic background is wide and varied but I spent a fair bit of time as an Elite Level Rugby player (Former US Eagle Jr Pool Player) and I spent...

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